How to trade Binary Options

Trade binary options on a wide range of assets


Simply select an asset, Apple, Google, Gold, Oil...

Binary options are time and date dependant


Select the time and date for your investment to mature.

Binary options can be placed on the market going up or down


Based on the trend displayed, decide whether your asset will go up or down.

Binary options allow you to make up to 85% return in 60


You, who just earned 85% return in 60 seconds.


You've made it

BossOptions is a premium provider of online binary options trading. Whether you want to trade forex, trade stocks or bid on the price of common commodities like oil and gold, we are your perfect trading partner. In addition to our trading platform that puts you in touch with the markets directly, BossOptions houses a knowledge centre dedicated to helping you with everything involved in how to trade binary options from start to finish.

Market News

Assets to trade today


Preference: Call Positions

Asset: Google

Preference: Call Positions


Preference: Call Positions

Asset: Gold

Preference: Call Positions